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World Class Wines
About Us

About World Class Wines

Exceptional Wines. Exceptional prices.

World Class Wines opened in 2009 in Lake Oswego, when Rick and Susan Baldwin, along with Rick’s parents Fred and Shirley Baldwin, created a family business devoted to their rich history and tradition in the wine industry, reflecting their long-standing love of wine, where they can share their knowledge and passion with their customers.

After a 36-year career in mortgage banking, Rick left to pursue his passion for wine. At the time, he had amassed roughly 5,000 bottles in his personal collection. This let him build a shop with great breadth and depth, including vintages from around the world. While most of the wines in the shop today are currently in production and available from a range of distributors, occasionally a bottle from Rick’s personal stash will make it to the store for a special event.


Ready to Discover your next Favorite Wine?

Rick describes himself as a “street sommelier” — 40 years of tasting, buying, and learning about wine have left him with a unique gift for his customers and club members: the ability to point them in the direction of their next favorite bottle of wine. “If they tell me a wine that they like, I can usually nail their ‘sweet spot’,” Rick says. World Class Wine’s wine club is based on this principle: club members describe the kinds of wine they like, and Rick selects new-to-them bottles that fit the profile of their existing favorites. The store’s unique inventory includes wines starting from the $10-$15 range, all the way up to exotic wines from some of the world’s most sought-after wineries. This kind of dedication gives us the unique ability to search the globe to bring you wines you won’t likely see anywhere else.

As Oregonians, we also love our local winemakers. This state produces unique, world-renowned Pinot Noirs, and we feature a wide range of these expressive and internationally respected wines. Talk to us about what you like best: floral and fruity, delicate and nuanced, structured and earthy, we can point you to vineyards and winemakers that consistently deliver your favorite style of this complex and variable grape.


Rare, Collectible Wines and Cult Wines.

For those who want something over-the-top, World Class Wines has a room featuring exquisite, often hard-to-find wines from rare and legendary vintages — treasures of time and space. And if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it for you. We have access to thousands of wines from private cellars.

The founders of World Class Wines: Rick Baldwin, Susan Olson, Fred Baldwin and Shirley Baldwin

Most of all, World Class Wines has created an atmosphere that is welcoming and cordial — a great place to make new discoveries and new friends. Exploring, enjoying, and purchasing wine shouldn’t be intimidating — it should be a joy, a constant source of excitement and satisfaction. Whether you’re new to wine or a long-time connoisseur, you’ll find a visit to World Class Wines to be relaxed and comfortable. We’re committed to providing great customer service to help you discover wine you love in a price range you’ll appreciate. Your next favorite wine is waiting for you..